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Professional Specialties

Autism Spectrum Disorders - The Autism Psycholgist

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Do you or your child have autism? Are you looking for strategies to improve your social and emotional well-being? Are you looking for support in developing independent living skills? There is help...

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Problem Solving - The Autism Psychologist

Behavioral Management

Do you have a child who reacts in an explosive manner when things do not go as expected? That doesn't respond to typical parenting strategies? Do you find yourself yelling at your child? There is help...

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Social Skills Training - The Autism Psychologist

Social Skills Training

Improving our understanding of others’ social thinking can result in improved social interactions. We can problem solve together to work on expanding your social thinking skills...

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Stress Management - The Autism Psychologist

Stress Management

Is your mind full of racing thoughts? Do you find that your most common thoughts are self-defeating? Are you struggling to manage anxiety or depression? Our thoughts have an impact on how we think and feel...

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Independent Living Skills - The Autism Psychologist

Independent Living Skills

Work with Dr. Bieberich in a supportive, warm atmosphere to identify your life goals, current challenges, and hopeful solutions so that you can move forward in living a fulfilling life....

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